Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring(?) Skiing

This season just won't quit!  I'll be honest I'm ready to be on dirt and roads spinning wheels but this week threw us right back in to the swing of things particularly up high and it could not be missed.  The Whites had seen all kinds of snow over the past week in little spurts here and there.

Driving north Saturday morning things looked prime for a nice Spring day, then I rounded that corner on 93 where the Notch first comes in to view...except it didn't come in to view.  It was completely socked in and as I got closer small little flakes started to fly.  Those flakes got bigger as I got closer and by the time I was at the base there was a nice dusting going on and you could see the deposits from earlier in the week as well.

We took a chance and went powder hunting off the reservation and we were rewarded with some of the best turns I have gotten in awhile and some of the best I have ever gotten this late in the season.  My proof was taken using the GoPro chest mount.  Not sure how I feel about that perspective.  I had to actually slow some of the footage down a tad so that you could see what was going on.  I simultaneously like and dislike the additional motion you can see.  It demonstrates how the terrain varies better but it also makes the footage really busy.  I love the mount though.  So much less hassle mounted to the chest and much easier to deal with.

A great day and a fitting last hurrah for the Icon's...

After riding I stopped in at Village Ski and Sport in Lincoln to have my new boots thermomolded.  If you have AT needs in Northern NH go see them, great no nonsense service and good prices.  The Factor's now fit like a glove on both feet and I can't wait to put them to task.  Maybe MTW next weekend?


  1. Anonymous3/28/2011

    nice report, and i like the chest mount view. how much did they charge for the fitting?


  2. Anonymous3/28/2011

    nice, so the factors come with liners that can be molded? no need for new liners


  3. yeah, just throw them on the heater for 15mins then strap em on for 15mins and let them form and cool. DUN.

  4. sweet edit sweet song