Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magical Afterthought

This post is more of an afterthought at this point but I figured the whole point of getting the GoPro was so that I could get additional media up here.

We had a great day at Magic.  My first time there and we picked a great day to check it out.  We got seconds on a decently big storm from Friday.  Conditions were pretty variable but still plenty fun and the terrain at Magic is just that.  Very cool natural features all over and nice and steep throughout.  I would definitely hit this place very often if the drive there didn't suck so bad.  Not that far mileage wise but getting east/west in NE sucks the big one.  Especially in the conditions I would most likely be driving in to take advantage of a good day there.

Congrats to D-bone on a solid showing at the Ski The East Freeride Competition taking place that day.  First outing in that format and ended up top 35.  Probably just needed a bit more pole whacking for the win...

I ended up just having a bit of fun with the edit from the footage that day.  Picked a random old techno song and just got lucky with the length of some clips matching up with the song fairly well and went from there.  I only had the camera on in the afternoon and I missed the best moment of the whole day in the morning when Tobin crashed and ran directly into JPMV spearing him in the back with his board.  I was looking right at Jomo when it happened too, would have gotten the whole thing.  At least I can play it back in my head over and over, but bummed I can't share it with ya'll.

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  1. Yea we gotta go back to that place...awesome day for sure....ps. your musical taste is top notch captain...i liek it.