Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stretch('s) Limo

Shaun has requested that i bring this behemoth to life so he can cruise the coast of Nantucket by himself and to get to the climb where we are gonna be bike hooligans during the Montreal - Boston Tour....both noble ventures. little does he know i will force him to also ride the mt washington century with me and adam on this bike and we will also go on sweet touring rides around the dirt roads of bridgewater and most likely have a run in with some sweet NH hicks, deliverance style. wicked 12 speeds 4 life.

DUN. Built up for $44...well $43.99 to be exact. Thats $3.66 a speed. Probably will get some upgrades, but thats a pretty cheap/sweet dumpster ride.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Piece of Nishiki

Ashland Dump find #1. Metal Pile front and center with my name alllll over it. This bike is pretty much totally thrashed. all the components are pretty much shot....bent crank, seized cables, seat destroyed, wheels pitted with lots of rust damage. The frame however is in wicked nice shape. I will probably have to junk just about everything on this bike except the frame. soooo i think this is going to be an experiment with paint bike. Im gonna try and get real steezy with some rattle cans and then just wait to get parts over time and then build it back up.

I'll have to inspect it more to find out just what kind of Nishiki this is...everything on the frame is worn off except the decals anywhere.


PUCH. (rhymes with Hutch, or at least i wish it did. it would be way more funny that way. my guess is its probably more like rhymes with Swoosh though.) Originally a Austrian machining company back in the day that dabbled in bikes. went the way of eventually being bought out and being built either in the US or Taiwan for Sears. Although I think the company that was originally Puch kept making bikes under another name, Austro-Daimler or something like that. This is a Puch Alpina, made in Austria before the Sears days...not sure what year (yet).

Yet another of my bikes connected to Scott, this one was his ride from back in the day but had been chillin back at the rents house doin nothin, but will now be reborn into a sweet touring ride.

the PUCH rides again....except not quite yet cause its really windy and cold today. but as soon as i have the cojones enough to ride outside this baby is going for a spin. dirt roads here i come.