Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New England is currently MEGA

I can't remember the last time both of my preferred activities were operating at max awesome in such close proximity.  For the last two weeks or so you could get really great skiing or mtb in within a two hour drive of my house in either direction.  Now if we could just get a handle on all this mud and standing water I'd be in heaven...

Shaun already got in a pretty thorough recap of the weekends full happenings, so I'll just post my edit and talk about that a bit as well as my mind over matter, refusal to acknowledge pain odyssey.

I tried to make the edit look like one long continuous run cutting in different angles like I had 3 GoPro's running at once.  Kinda worked.  I didn't bother spending too much time trying to make the cuts look perfect because I don't care enough.  The footage is actually two rides early stuff is Willowdale and later on is clips from Russell Mill.  Used the handlebar/seatpost mount for everything.  Seatpost configuration worked great and I really like that perspective.

Mounting to the handlebar didn't work all that awesome, it loosened up on me both times and I had tightened it enough that I was a bit worried about breaking the plastic.  I have read some posts of people trying a rubber shim to cut down on vibration and give it something to really squeeze.  I'll probably try that next.  I was actually really surprised at how 'quiet' the footage was with it mounted to my handlebars.  I thought for sure riding rigid would screw it all up but as long as I can figure out the mount I think that angle will be cool.  I also experimented a bit with pointing it back at me and I really like what the fisheye did too the trees, they look like they are 1000ft tall!

I also had a really weird experience with some wrist pain that has been bugging me for the past couple weeks.  It felt like some sort of pinched nerve that would only really hurt at the extremes of pronation or supination.  Hadn't been affecting my skiing at all so I just sort of dealt with it hoping that it would go away.  I was hoping it wouldn't affect my biking at all but I was wrong.  First ride at Willowdale was pretty painful at times.  Cross fall line stuff was horrifying and descending with some chatter was awful too, almost lost my grip on the bars due to pain a few times.  Riding was way too good to stop though so I just tried to deal.

Surprisingly after our break for lunch it started to feel a bit better.  The pain was much less pronounced.  At the start of our ride at Russell Mill I would say it felt 65% better than that morning.  The RM ride went much better and that evening the pain subsided even more.  By the start of our ride at LDT the next morning the pain was practically gone and its a good thing because LDT was much more brutal than the other two spots and I would have been in trouble.

So just goes to show you kids if you have weird nerve pain in a joint just beat it into submission.  I'm running the show here nervous system, not you.  Never forget that.


  1. Anonymous4/12/2011

    haha wow those trees are tall - i might be tripping. i think i like the follow cam the best - great ride(s)


  2. dude that was awesome for your first bike edit.....the chest shot would make oliver stone proud....definitely the mystery trip shot....FANTASTIQUE!