Saturday, March 12, 2011

When All Else Fails...Nordic

I was fairly certain this weekend held very little promise for winter recreation.  Conditions/weather have been all over the place lately.  Cannon probably locked up tight Friday in to Saturday, winter biking is out of the question unless it gets real cold again and the roads are still a bit messy/sandy/full of frost heaves to try a road ride.

Nordic skiing to the rescue.  Was putzing around this morning and the sun was peaking through a bit, temps were moderate so I figured what the hell, this is the exact reason I bought this gear.  Supplement everything else I do and snag some miles here and there.  So that is exactly what I did and I'm glad I made the call.

 Snow was soft and pretty slow on the flats but it was great for climbing.  I am starting to feel at home on my setup.  Balance was good, rhythm was better.  I wasn't flying but I was much more efficient.  I was contemplating using the headlamp-esque GoPro mount to get some really boring footage but I just couldn't bring myself to be that much of a tool.  Too bad though I did end up having to gap a small drainage, would have looked GNARLY.

Also got to witness a J2 race that was going on.  Pretty funny scene.  There were teams from all over: NH, Maine, Mass.  Lots of spandex and really ridiculous glasses/goggles.  I really don't get the eyewear that is prevalent in the nordic scene.  Some of those things are incredibly silly retarded (sorry Mom).  For some reason that era of cracked out eyewear from the late 80's early 90's when Greg Lemond had everyone wearing hilarious Oakley's never went away and they all still rock them.  I don't get the benefit of having these huge alien things on your face.  It has to be possible to design something that keeps the wind out and is lighter.  I wear my Briko cycling glasses which weigh next to nothing and have zero issues with wind. **rant over**

I like all the international flags.  I wonder how many Russians were at this race?

I was hoping to overhear some sketchy wax/drug deals going down but I think everyone was too busy visualizing for their upcoming classic sprint heats.

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  1. should have poached the race, yelled "rpo leader" and then ducked right into the woods Wile E Coyote style....but fo real, looks like it was a good loop