Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Dairy Joy Express

The Express is back on track. Swapped out for an American flag, buffed the chrome, fixed the flat and ditched the cable for the three speed hub and per my usual, now running it as a single speed. Next mod will be a cushion in the basket for Gina's rump.

Monday, January 22, 2007

man area v2.0

finally got my new stand in the mail, after having to lay the smack down on for a broken piece of plastic. I took the opportunity to revamp my man area. I present to you the man area version 2.0 complete with workstand more ceiling hooks and a spider man trash can (not pictured)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost Bike

This was also found at the 'Thornton Mall' (best mall ever) by my friend Scott. He needs a rig to haul a kayak into the back country to get sweet pics of wildlife. Started out as a mid 90's Specialized Hardrock and will end a White (very white) bike with some decals from the show Lost. Never watched an episode myself, but apparently there is a sequence of numbers that show up a lot in the show and we are getting some vinyl stickers printed up of those numbers for the top tube.

And now the final transformation below...Took a while to get from A to Z but the paint will be all the better for it because it had a lot more time to cure. Scott should have his trailer for his kayak soon and with the ponds quickly melting hopefully i can get some pics of this ride in action.

Here she blows! performing its intended purpose up in Jefferson, NH. wicked middle of nowhere.

Benny's Raleigh

Benny is going to skitch cars with this thing and when you see the before pic you will think he is crazy. You would not be wrong. Haven't made a ton of progress on this one yet. its needs a good paint stripping/paint job before any building gets done. Word to the wise, Raleigh's are real wierd (damn british standards) and cottered cranks are sucky.

To all those counting this is a 1976 Raleigh Sprite in Lemon Yellow. Not so much lemon as rust nowadays but all that will change. I think Benny is going all black. **insert quote about going black now**

And here is the 100% complete final edition. pretty damn sharp, and even more so considering the 'before' pic.

Fixing up a Fixie

Found this bike at the 'Thornton Mall'. Fork was bent pretty bad, but the frame was in really good shape. I dont even think im going to paint this one. This will be my first attempt at a fixed gear. plans are to swap in a fork from a thrashed Lemond i bought on Ebay, flip and chop to some bullhorns, run a front brake and get a new (cheap) wheelset. AND i actually remembered to take a 'before' pic.

And here it is complete. got the new wheels yesterday and threw them on. They look pretty good. black rims would have been better but you can't beat the price. Chainline was perfect with no tweaking and everything else came together nicely. Pretty soon I'll post a pic of the art I am getting in exchange for this bike. Word on the street is its gonna be EPIC.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Bumtaxi

I guess for format I'll post a quick description about the project on the main post with pictures and then put the details in the comments...

this is my first completed project. Finished the Bumtaxi a couple of months ago. its a 1959 or '60 Hawthorne Cruiser. I bought it for $10 from NORM, my friend Scott's neighbor/landlord. He loves dumps apparently.

Everyone I know is going to make fun of me for this (especially Mike)

and maybe Gina. but this is going to be where I post my current and past bike projects. I started keeping a journal down in my 'man area' but that analog shit is totally square. Go digital or go home.

Thats about it. A really ghey site where I post projects that Im working on, more so that if the two people who are interested in what Im building ask me about something, instead of telling long stories I can just give them a website to go checkout.

I'll start a few threads about my current projects soon...