Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mountain Track Rides Again

so this thread started as a dumpster bike that jomo found, that I then subsequently screwed up with an experimental seatpost operation...but then my rents came to town and my dad brought my old Trek Mountain Track 800.

Cleaning this ride back up brought back a lot of memories...mainly how retarded I was in the early to mid 90' in point the BMX mongoose seat I put on this bike seen in this photo:

I don't know what the hell I was thinking with that one.

This bike hasn't been ridden since probably the one time we went to snow mountain and did some lift serviced riding...if you have ever ridden a rigid bike down ski trails you can guess that right after that ride I decided I was going to buy a bike with suspension. Then began the long journey that has been my biking career that has most recently ended in me racing a rigid bike once again...full circle. And just like before after a season of that I promptly bought some more suspension.

It has been stored indoors since then and is in actually pretty good shape. cleaned up real nice. true'd the wheels, adjusted the dérailleurs and brakes and tweaked a few things so that it will fit jomo a bit better and then ditched that stupid mongoose saddle.