Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dust on Crust Edit

Yesterday didn't have a lot of promise.  Big 'ole thaw followed by a pretty immediate deep freeze has a great way of turning everything to crap.  Luckily Cannon got a few inches of snow overnight for us to work with.  We made the most of it and got some interesting 'adventure' riding and we were able to find some aspects that loaded up a bit.  No matter the conditions, it was great to be back shredding with a solid crew...really looking forward to getting some more precip and finishing off the season strong.

Had the GoPro with me for the first time with the forward facing helmet mount.  I really like the perspective you get and I lucked out with pointing it at the right angle.  Only downside is the bit of added weight it adds to the front of your helmet that adds some pressure to where you goggles sit on your nose.  Just annoying enough to partially bug me but nothing major.

I am using trakaxPC for my editing.  So far I am really pleased.  Nice little piece of software and so far the perfect mix of newb user friendlyness and cooler more advanced features.  Very easy to do the standard fair for GoPro type edits.  I was able to throw this video together is just about and hour or two with absolutely no prior experience...that is saying something.

Unfortunately I still have some things to learn about aspect ratios and I think I exported in one ratio and then uploaded to Youtube in another which caused the video to be a smaller window within a bigger one...or at least I think thats what caused it.  I'll do some testing and troubleshooting in the future to figure that out but I am going to call this one good for now.

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  1. nice edit man...and great music selection...thanks for letting us crash at K-farm...we had an awesome time ripping with you and the crew!
    ps.since i didnt take one picture the entire weekend im gonna have to add a link to the manarea from the stoke factoy..haha