Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tour de Chemungville Stage 2

There is always an 'X' factor when going on touring/adventure rides, especially here in Chemungville. You pick a route based on a map but sometimes you arent really sure what kind of terrain you are going to run into if you are exploring new areas. There are a lot of metrics you could use to gauge how sweet a touring ride is...elevation gain, the views, remoteness but I think I have come up with my preferred metric after this ride.

An adventure/touring ride is good IF: at some point during the ride you are genuinely concerned that a backwoods individual could be hunting you as game.

Yeah this ride was that sweet AND I got chased by 6 dogs all told.

Epic Farms and Lake Views...We got 'em.

This is the end of Steele Hill Rd. on the Meredith side, one of the many 'not roads'. Looks semi ok from here but it gets much more hilarious just out of view

I used some roads from Stage 1 but this time around I went more North of the house as opposed to swinging South. I got the same mix of terrain as last time: pavement, dirt, and super off road. Big hills seem to be unavoidable around here, which I guess is a good thing. Although a leisurely ride doesnt really exist in the immediate area.

Like I mentioned earlier I was chased by a pretty funny number of dogs today. A lot of the roads around here are basically really long driveways so most people let their dogs roam and most of the dogs arent used to cyclist traffic I would assume. I never really felt in danger, most of the poochs were just doing what my pooch would have done. They all just barked and ran along side me for awhile probably just making sure I didn't come any closer to the house...but just in case I had my sprint ready to go just in case I had to reenact that scene from American Flyers with Eddie the crazy pitbull.

My brush with Deliverence came on Arbitus Hill Rd. towards the end of the ride. I was trying to get to Rt. 104 so I could get over Wickwas Lake to Meredith Center Rd. and back around to the house. I had a feeling this road was going to be sketch from the map and my hunch proved correct. Basically Arbitus Hill Rd eventually turns into someones driveway, quite literally too, I turned the corner to find two trucks parked in the middle of the road and a little farm/homestead. I had to ride around the cars, through the side yard of the house and duck under a slightly downed tree to get onto what could best be described as a forgotten cart path. Based on the trucks / house I was a little worried that someone would be grabbing their gun and coming after me so I kept the gas on as much as I could through the woods. The path eventually dumped out right into someone elses yard / driveway on the other side.

The legs felt pretty good and I am really excited for the race tomorrow. I will be trying some new set ups and feeling pretty confident that I should continue with my improvement from the end of last season.

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  1. Epic, I'm headed out on a road ride tomorrow, it won't be as sketchy as yours that is for sure: