Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tour de Chemungville Stage 1

I can go on adventure rides starting from my driveway. This makes me happy.

Today was Stage 1 of what will be many many loops around 'Chemungville' or the Chemung Region, which is the network of dirt roads surrounding our house. I had been chomping at the bit to get out and explore to see what kind of loops I could put together.

Exploration was part of the plan today the other part was to try and put in some harder road type efforts to get ready for the Sunapee Road Race that Adam and I decided we would try. I definitely got some good training in today but I wouldn't necesarily call it roadie training. The climbs were punchy to say the least with sustained pitches of 10-15% for several hundred yards in spots. For a non-cyclist that hurts real bad. There is no attempting hill sprints on stuff like that (at least not at my current fitness level), just keep it spinning and hope you dont tip over.

The terrain around here is gorgeous. Lots of up and down with views and picture perfect homesteads and huge farms (I know, I know, where are the pics?! I'm still trying to track down my digital camera...). And barely any traffic to boot, partially because some of the "roads" I was on would have required a skidder to navigate, yet on Google Maps / GPS units they show up as viable options haha. Crotchtown doesnt care if you get lost/stuck. You shouldnt be here anyway, go back to Massachusetts (I am assuming that is their reasoning anyway).

Ride came in around 27 miles and I was only able to muster an average speed of 12.3mph haha. A very slow road ride or a pretty fast MTB ride. I think the elevation profile is a pretty good indication as to why the speeds were a tad low. Plus my cross/commuter bike is not light by any means, hauling that thing up gnarly pitches kinda sucks, not gonna lie. It excels in the other direction though so I guess its worth it.

Color coded for your convenience. Blue = Pavement, Brown = Dirt, Red = Not in Kansas Anymore

3,259ft of climbing is a pretty good Saturday. Hopefully I can get some more road miles in Monday to continue my Sunapee prep.

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