Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reaping What I (We) Sow

I know that saying is usually used in a negative context, but I don't care. I'm using it anyway. Because I am going to be reaping the awesomeness from this past weekend all summer long and then some.

This past Sunday CNH NEMBA hosted a Trail Maintenance day at the Franklin Falls Rec Area in Franklin, NH. We had a crew of 26 people(!) working various projects all day and we completed tons of work. Some accomplishments for the day:

- Installed ledge pack at the entrance to Rogue Trail and around 'Whaleback Rock' to alleviate some bogging down sand issues.

- Reroute and bench cut / berm installation on Stump Trail (so much more fun now, great work Jesse and crew!)

- We finished what we started of 'L' trail last year and it is ready to start riding in. New name is in the works currently. It's probably either going to be "Crooked Tree" or "Caddywhompus".

- 95% of trails were raked and cleaned up

I worked on the crew that completed 'L' trail. It is definitely back busting work at times but nothing beats taking a blank canvas of woods and making something that you will be able to enjoy for possibly years to come. 'L' is a 'max out the real estate' kind of trail winding back on itself in spots a la Gyro in Plymouth just not as extreme. It is a blast to ride even with it being really soft still in spots.

Another promising thing we all saw during the maintenance day was several other groups using the trails that weren't with our group. A group of riders from Gilford, a Father and Son duo and a Husband/Wife/Daughter crew. Lots of different types of riders all enjoying the trails...nothing gives you more clout than more headcount, this bodes well for Central NH.

Hopefully I can get some pics up soon. Chapter Prez had a camera out and was taking pics, my digital is still buried in a box somewhere.

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