Monday, October 8, 2007

The Pinnacle Challenge

This past weekend I participated in my first 'Double Duathlon'. It consisted of a 5 mile Road Run, a 6 mile Mountain Bike course, a 13.5 mile Road Bike course, and a 3.5 mile Trail Run.

My friends Adam, Christina, Natalie and myself competed in the Co-ed team division. This was just an end of season fun race for me and Adam and a introduction to racing for Christina and Natalie.

Team Blue Zoo ended up 2nd in our division (out of 10) and we put up the 18th best time of the day out of a total of 71 competitors.

Christina put us right where we needed to be after the road run...she put up a solid time out of a very strong field of runners and kept us in the hunt. Adam put up the fastest time of any MTB'er there and gave us a great lead going into my leg of the race.

I put up a fairly good time on the day coming in 20th out of the 71 overall. I wish I could have gone a bit faster than I did, there was a really strong headwind for the first 6 miles and I didn't warm up at all before heading out. (something I will remedy next year.) All in all my HRM said I rode about as fast as my body can take so I feel good about my effort.

Natalie finished real strong on what many described as a very tough trail run...straight up a mountain...scrambling up rocks at times!

Unfortunately there was another co-ed team present that had an extremely strong road biker (second best time on the day) and trail runner (seventh best time on the day) and Natalie and I weren't quite able to hold the lead Adam made for us and they beat us by just 30 secs at the end of the trail run.

Awards for the top 3 in each class were jugs of Grade A 100% pure NH Maple Syrup. Not bad for a mornings work.

Spoils of War

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  1. MMMM waffles.

    We need to organize a Team Blue Zoo victory breakfast.