Saturday, October 27, 2007


It's almost halloween which means lots of things:

1. I need a costume
2. I'm another year older
3. We just had Squamtoberfest
4. It's time to get ready for Thanxmas

And my new thing is to prepare for events by brewing beer. Originally I had wanted to brew a 'winter warmer' type beer for thanxmas but I only have about 6 weeks and most winter warmer recipes call for 2 stage fermentations of at least 2 months. sooooooo I went with a Nut Brown (think Newcastle).

Action Shot

Brewing went well. I'm really starting to get into a routine now...cutting down on brew time, getting more efficient and organized. So organized that I can even multi-task while I brew.

Season 3 = Ridiculous

*UPDATE*: This batch was drank at Thanxmas to rave reviews. I think the general consensus was it was my finest batch to date. I would tend to agree...although I think my stout has quite a bit of potential, but we won't know for a while still with that batch.


  1. love the action shot, can we get video of the wort??

  2. haha.... Thats pretty sweet that your brewing your own beer. Make sure you save some for our class!! =)
    The next promo is happening this wednesday over in lebanon but i'm not sure where. I am still in the process of finding out. We are doing guinness/smithwicks again. The only thing is i do have to leave class by 7 but i'll remind you before class tomorrow. Thanks!!!!