Saturday, October 13, 2007

See you in '08

First Stout = DUN.

Basement is getting close to being too cold for fermentation for most types of yeast / brew (except lagers, which is what I will be doing in a month or two) so I wanted to get this stout started so it could ferment now and then condition for a LONG time in a nice cold, dark basement (aka dungeon).

I have been told that stouts need a solid 3 months of conditioning to really take on the flavors they are supposed to so we wont be drinking this until the end of January. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

This is the first time I have used a dry yeast...I'm fairly sure I did everything I was supposed to. I'm hoping I don't have to repitch to get this going, but if I do I can always just run down to Fermentation Station and get some liquid yeast or something.

pre-wrapped in blanket

Fermentation started within just 6 hours. Fastest I have seen to date. I checked it this morning at about 40 hours and fermentation was already slowing down and will probably be just about done by tonight or tomorrow morning. We may even be ready to bottle this during the end of Squamtoberfest.

Brew day +30hours

**Update**: I finally got a chance to bottle this brew during the snow day yesterday. It had been sitting in secondary for quite a long time (3 weeks maybe). I had been trying to read around to see if that was too long...but again like all things home brew there are two schools. Some say 1 week tops otherwise funky chemistry can happen but the other school says 'relax, drink a beer'. I tried a bit when bottling and I think I am leaning towards the later. More news on this batch in January when we drink it.


  1. does grolsch make brown bottles? i thought green bottles were bad for beer, let light in....

  2. technically yes, green bottles are "bad".

    but grolsch are the easiest flip top beers for us to get and i typically bottle and condition in the basement and it is dark down there 90% of the time and none of the 10% is natural light so no UV.

    if you can find some kind of weird brew in a brown flip top, pull the trigger, especially if its a pounder.