Friday, September 21, 2007

Manifest Destiny

I made a proverbial 'Louisiana Purchase' this afternoon. I swung by a homebrew supply store that I found out existed in Meredith, NH...Fermentation Station. Its a nice little shop with just about everything you would need for supplies and an owner who seemingly knows WAY too much about brewing beer.

I have a feeling its going to be a great resource...i talked to the guy for like a half an hour and the highlight was a recipe he told me about for a stout that he described as: "you need a knife and fork to drink it and its so heavy you need a spotter to help you pick up the glass..." 'nuff said sir, where do I sign?

long story short my homebrew operation is getting serious. please notice the SquamyBrew LLC brew operation channel on the right sidebar for 'what is brewing where' type info.

i now have three 6 gallon carboys. This allows me the option of doing either three 1 stage brews at once or 1 two stage and 1 one stage at once or two 1 stage and let an old 2nd stage condition nice and long get the point.

I also added some sweet peg board for that authentic manarea feel.


  1. Excellent... I will be bringing my fork and knife to the next squamywood event.

  2. nice need a banner behind that station of yours

  3. I think that would suit the dungeon well.