Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost Bike

This was also found at the 'Thornton Mall' (best mall ever) by my friend Scott. He needs a rig to haul a kayak into the back country to get sweet pics of wildlife. Started out as a mid 90's Specialized Hardrock and will end a White (very white) bike with some decals from the show Lost. Never watched an episode myself, but apparently there is a sequence of numbers that show up a lot in the show and we are getting some vinyl stickers printed up of those numbers for the top tube.

And now the final transformation below...Took a while to get from A to Z but the paint will be all the better for it because it had a lot more time to cure. Scott should have his trailer for his kayak soon and with the ponds quickly melting hopefully i can get some pics of this ride in action.

Here she blows! performing its intended purpose up in Jefferson, NH. wicked middle of nowhere.


  1. This bike has a wierd feature I've never really encountered before. the rear brake is mounted on the chainstays, right behind the bottom bracket, not the seatstays. I think this was to make room for the rack or something...

  2. If I remember right the theory behind the chianstay brakes was that they provided a better cable routing and could provide more power. As it turns out the location sucks since they clog with mud twice as fast... thats why it only lasted a few years. Congrats you have a collectors piece!

  3. yeah i guess that would make sense...kinda. industry must not have thought that one all the way through.

    i like this format though...from now on when i get old retarded dump bikes with weird things on them i will post my theory and then you can correct me.