Monday, January 15, 2007

The Bumtaxi

I guess for format I'll post a quick description about the project on the main post with pictures and then put the details in the comments...

this is my first completed project. Finished the Bumtaxi a couple of months ago. its a 1959 or '60 Hawthorne Cruiser. I bought it for $10 from NORM, my friend Scott's neighbor/landlord. He loves dumps apparently.


  1. Dubbed the 'Bumtaxi' due to its intended purpose of carting around my drunk friends in Boston

  2. Mostly stock parts (except for the stem and grips)

    basically all I really did was strip it down, buff all the rust out, prime and paint, build it back up.

    pretty simple. I like the way it came out.

  3. not 100% sure it rides well...or at all.

    funny thing is ive never ridden it. it had flats when i bought it and i was so excited to just get started i jumped right in.

    it being winter now, I probably wont know until game time. Hopefully the coaster brake is functional.

    I am going to assume that anyone riding it will most likely be drunk or a bum or both and if the brake doesnt work they can just bail....right Shaun?