Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Benny's Raleigh

Benny is going to skitch cars with this thing and when you see the before pic you will think he is crazy. You would not be wrong. Haven't made a ton of progress on this one yet. its needs a good paint stripping/paint job before any building gets done. Word to the wise, Raleigh's are real wierd (damn british standards) and cottered cranks are sucky.

To all those counting this is a 1976 Raleigh Sprite in Lemon Yellow. Not so much lemon as rust nowadays but all that will change. I think Benny is going all black. **insert quote about going black now**

And here is the 100% complete final edition. pretty damn sharp, and even more so considering the 'before' pic.


  1. so yeah raleighs...

    dont expect to be able to swap parts. ever. unless you have lots of raleighs. everything is different down to the threads per inch. your screws wont even work.

    and i broke a c-clamp trying to get the cottered cranks off. JOY

  2. Note to self:

    liquid wrench works REALLY WELL.

    the bottom bracket was extremely sticky on this bike and a little dab of penetrating liquid wrench and the cranks are spinning nicely now...didnt even really have to sit worked instantly.

  3. hopefully ill get some more pics once the raleigh is 100%. (benny just couldnt wait to bring it home and who am i to deny a man his garbage dump bike?) just needs a seatpost/saddle, some pedals, and the front brake thrown on and cabled.

    got nipped by the raleigh standard again on that front brake, i lost the nut and due to the 26 t.p.i (as opposed to the 24 t.p.i standard) we couldnt get a new one at the hardware store. brakes are overrated anyway and i think benny has enough 'mojo' that he probably doesnt need them.