Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fixing up a Fixie

Found this bike at the 'Thornton Mall'. Fork was bent pretty bad, but the frame was in really good shape. I dont even think im going to paint this one. This will be my first attempt at a fixed gear. plans are to swap in a fork from a thrashed Lemond i bought on Ebay, flip and chop to some bullhorns, run a front brake and get a new (cheap) wheelset. AND i actually remembered to take a 'before' pic.

And here it is complete. got the new wheels yesterday and threw them on. They look pretty good. black rims would have been better but you can't beat the price. Chainline was perfect with no tweaking and everything else came together nicely. Pretty soon I'll post a pic of the art I am getting in exchange for this bike. Word on the street is its gonna be EPIC.


  1. bought everything i need for this ride except the wheelset. Should be delivered soon. Nashbar'd it straight up.

    all cheap stuff. generic seatpost with a 'no-name' italian made saddle, cheapo 8-speed chain and black/green camo bar tape.

  2. for the wheelset im looking at an all inclusive deal at bikeisland.com

    wheelset w/ tire, tubes, track cog, & lock ring (basically everything you need for a fixie) for $120

    have yet to find a better deal. hopefully the wheels arent complete crap.

  3. oh they will be

    if they are round, you got a good deal

  4. figured i would probably never really get to ride this bike that often so I will finish the project but exchange it for some art that i am commissioning a friend to make for my living room.