Monday, April 2, 2012

Testing the Waters

Got my first harder pace ride in this past weekend at FFD to get a quick gauge on what I can throw down currently.  It was promising, I didn't go completely flat out the whole time I took a few breathers on a trail here and there but when I was getting after it there were several times I thought my legs and heart were gonna give it up but I was able to keep suffering.  Very good signs for March.  AND I racked up a pretty hilarious amount of KOM's for my trouble.

I'm really digging my setup for this season so far.  All my upgrades are meshing really well and I feel really comfortable on the bike already.  I think the decrease in rotational weight is gonna be a really big deal for me this year as well as the slightly smoother ride thanks to 10 less psi.  Add the phenomenal lead into the season I'm getting with this PSU physical training program and I think by June/July I will have made more progress than I have over the last few years.

One somewhat funny side effect of my new setup is with a lighter setup in general and specifically much lighter wheels I have to be a bit more deliberate and mindful of where I put my weight and when.  I literally float on this bike now and I had some issues on semi technical fast climbs where I would pull the rear end right off the ground because my weight was a bit too forward.  I also need to learn to trust the new cornering capabilities of tires at 20psi.  I cornered a few times at speed and the feeling of the rubber rolling over a tiny bit actually kinda freaked me out a bit the first few times because I'm not used to it.  I just need to learn to let the magic happen.

Hopefully the weather stays on its current trajectory and I have a chance to get some good miles in before ss-a-palooza.  Team ride in the Whites this Friday should be a good start.

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