Sunday, March 25, 2012

NEMBA Racing Meet & Greet

Team Meet and Greet rides are great for blogging.  Lots of people taking staged pics all day.  In a few moments I am going to bombard you with sweet pics of me on a bike.  You're welcome.

They are also a great way to kick off the season.  This was my first day on dirt and I was a little worried I was gonna be a bit too rusty to be in a long 'spirited' pace line.  Luckily the trails at Russell Mill are a perfect mix of buff/fast with tech sprinkled in here and there for good measure.  I was able to get my bearings a bit in the pump track and on some of the early fast stuff and only had a few issues here and there with line choice etc.

The new wheels are great so far.  I can really feel the drop in weight and having 10 less psi is pretty nice.  Just that extra bit of 'suspension' that I needed for me to keep my speed up in the rough stuff.  I think it could be just what I need to be up with the big boys on some of the courses this year.  I guess time will tell.  Pace never got too crazy but the legs felt good and I felt much more home on the bike than I thought I would in late March.  We've got a great group this year and I can't wait to get things kicked off next month at SS-a-palooza.

I also got a bit more acquainted with my new whip, the Fit.  We're gonna get along just fine I think.  I put it to task with a trip to the dump prior to heading down to MA to ride so it was loaded up with both cycling and REcycling gear.  I still have to figure out some efficiencies about loading and unloading, it took me a second to get it to all work but once I get a process down it's gonna be nice.

And now to please enjoi the SHRED.

I tried getting tricky to embed PK's photos here but for some reason blogger was upset with the URL's his site uses so just follow these old school links.  You may or may not get Rick Roll'd.


  1. Anonymous3/25/2012

    Looks like fun. I love the terrain down there. Wish I could have made the trip.

  2. More pics of Kevin please!

  3. Nice man! lookn' shahp!

  4. wow. nice pics! Can't wait for this season to get rolling!

  5. I thought the picture of you riding the pump track was hilarious until I saw the pic of shaun. Loved your posed one too, way to look like a complete botard