Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post Powder

Winter continues its late push (although as I write this its doing a short 180 and pouring rain), PSU was closed Thurs due to a nice little storm that dumped probably an easy foot at the house, unfortunately a bit less up north in the Whites but I'll take it.

It was snowing hard just about all day Thurs and it was all the Echo could do just to get Gina to work let alone Cannon.  As it was I had to get out and push a bit while Gina drove to get over a little hill back by the house and then once we finally got to the shelter I decided I was going to volunteer for a half day so we only had to make the drive twice.  So I hung out with a bunch of dogs all day (whats up Maverick, Dillon, Sorbet, Clover, Sammi, Derby, Vanessa...).  With the impending thaw on the horizon I figured I had to put in for Friday off to try and at least get seconds and hope that there were a few lines people skipped Thurs.

Per usual skiing is always the right call.  Lucked out and bumped into Jim in the lodge and Joel and Craig second chair and we got to business as a foursome.  It reminded me very much of the last few years when days like this were the norm.  Every weekend just show up run into the regular crew and get straight to business, didn't matter where you went it was all good.  We aren't quite at that point even now in March, I still managed to brutalize my skis a bit but I've got no other choice, what am I gonna do? Just stay on Gremlin the whole season?

There were indeed at least a few lines, often skipped or missed by the masses, that were still pretty good.  My go to, Candyland, was great although still a bit thwacky.  We traversed over to lower Gunsight from Kinsman and it was in surprisingly good shape.  Part of me thought that was a death mission but it ended up being ok.  The foursome started to diminish in the afternoon so I spent some time messing with the GoPro and mounting it different ways to see what I could get.  Some of it was interesting at least for little segway shots...I think the edit came together pretty well.  Although I learned a lesson about Vimeo uploading, should have waited until tomorrow to upload it because my free account can only upload one HD video a week.  If I had waited until tomorrow I would have been fine but now it is crappy quality.  Maybe I can update it later or something, I'll have to look into that.  Until then, ENJOI.


  1. sweet edit! perfect music too!!
    7-10 at the mtn again today! get out there before its 60 on thrs (60 really?! what a weird winter)

  2. yea dude you can totally delete the video and re-upload later in HD