Monday, April 18, 2011

Ramp Up

I just took a peek at my Garmin Connect account and I am getting off to one hell of a riding season.  50mi the last two weekends at 5 different riding locations.  And its only Tax Day.  With a mega road epic planned for Friday things are looking good for having a decent base built heading into race season.

Now all I need are the home town trails to finally shed all their snow...

New Ergon grips are nice.  I think they are going to work really well for me.  I got a bit of different hand fatigue than I am used to during the last two rides but I think that is more my hands getting used to the new position.  What I have definitely noticed is no residual fatigue after the rides and they actual offer a few different hand positions that I didn't have previously.  They give a really nice platform and feel way less awkward than I was anticipating.

Kenda pro form stuff arrived late last week but I didn't have time to mount the new rubber before I hit the road to NY.  Went with the Slant Six for this year.  Looks like a good all rounder, interested to see what they are capable of.

Had a great time in NY.  Footage was a bit lacking, angle of my chest mount needs tweaking and the ride was a bit stop and go and I kept guessing wrong for good times to film longer stretches of trail.  But I did manage to get one sweet sequence on a trail called Here to There and just set it to the theme of the weekend.  Had to be there...


  1. Hey Kev, how does the image stay so smoooooth?

  2. I would like to say its because I ride so smoothly but it probably has more to do with the wide angle lens and I think the seatpost is a 'quiet' spot on the bike compared to others that would have more chatter and it is easy to get a good solid mount there.

    Although I was very surprised at how smooth it was even with a handlebar mount on my rigid bike.

  3. AHH! Awesome....that song is perfect for everything...dude those tires look sweet too...I was looking at those but decided to stick with the Nevegals...I think I'll get a set of those soon though

  4. Anonymous4/19/2011

    nice video, i love here to there, you captured it nicely - a+