Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pinney's Pale Ale

Crotchville Beer LLC has reached new heights.  A milestone if you will.  Officially commissioned for three batches.  I have been entrusted to brew three batches of Pale Ale to be given out as gifts to guests at Shaun and Natalie's wedding.  No pressure or anything.

 tower of power

I'm not worried though my track record is pretty impeccable if I don't say so myself. (just jinxed it Shaun, youre welcome).  These batches are pretty basic but the simplicity was nice, I think I might try and get back in to always having something basic on hand.  Can't go wrong with Pale Ales and I can always start experimenting a bit here and there with tweaks etc.  These batches have 3oz of Cascade hops.  2oz at 60mins and the last ounce added in the last minute of the boil for that added hoppy/citrusy fragrance to the end product.  I think it was the right way to go for a mass audience (see what I did there? DOUBLE MEANING ho ho ho)

I also got to try out a new piece of gear I got for Christmas:


Way easier and safer to haul a full carboy than grabbing it by the neck and praying thats for sure.

I have to do some tricky scheduling to make sure all three batches get done on time.  My capacity is going to basically be maxed for the first time ever.  Which is good...why else do I have all this damn stuff?  Word on the street is Jen is working on a custom label for these batches.  Can't wait to see it.  I am also thinking about having my students make a label for this batch as a Photoshop assignment...should be good.  Stay tuned as Crotchville keeps pumping out batch after batch!

Phew! Have I been busy.  3 batches turned in to 4 and I have been going straight out.  I've worked things around so that I was able to do a few double sessions.  Bottled batches 1 and 2 and the same time as well as racking batches 3 and 4 to secondary tonight.  I will more than likely bottle both 3 and 4 together in about another week or so and then we will have a few weeks to get the labels on before game day.

I also got real awesome / lame and tried out my new tripod mount for the GoPro to make a quick racking to secondary vid.  Never thought I would be using my Homebrew AND GoPro tag on the same post...


I'm happy to report that this will be my first batch that will be dressed to impress.  Check out this label made by Jen O'Donnell.  Check out her work, its fun.


  1. siiiiick! I'm 100% sure it's gonna be awesome

  2. Anonymous2/05/2011

    hell yea we are pumped!