Friday, October 22, 2010

Transition Time

I've been making snow sports purchases like crazy lately and with flurries flying in central NH today the itch is setting in.  Compounded by the fact that I haven't been able to get on my bike in weeks I feel the transition to winter sports coming on hard.

I suffered a mild financial freakout today and made a pretty sweet impulse buy of some FAT skis to add to my quiver.  I have had all kinds of weird universe convergence moments lately and this time around flurries start flying I start thinking about skiing and how I need some new resort boards and bam delivers a deal in close succession.  Plus its my birthday next week...happy birthday me the universe has spoken.

105 at the waist.  WEEEEEE

I've never ridden anything this fat before.  Gonna be awesome (I hope).  All the reviews I've been reading are informing me that I need to ride these things hot and heavy.  Just what I need...look for me straight lining Zoomer this season.  I've also snagged some new googles and gloves in the past few weeks.  Let it snow I guess.

I've also been thinking about getting myself going with more structured training for next summer's big goal.  Pretty daunting task trying to figure out what the hell I should be doing.  Probably going to start slow by getting back into yoga again.  My flexibility is crap right now.  A few years ago when I was doing stuff 1-2 times a week I felt like it helped a lot with injury prevention and recovery.  Probably two things that are really beneficial when exerting yourself non stop for 3 days without sleeping.  Gotta start getting back in the gym on lunch and running as well.  Except this time around more vert and longer distances (what have I gotten myself into?!)

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    "ahh frames" i hope?