Monday, October 11, 2010

Caribou Slobber

Wasn't long after Crotchtoberfest wrapped up that I was right at it brewing an American Brown Ale for this year's Thanxmas.

On tap is a clone kit of Big Sky Brewing's Moose Drool.  Seemed interesting and I am a big fan of brown ales.  The American versions are a bit more hoppy than the English counterpart and this batch has an interesting mix of 3 different variates: Goldings, Liberty and Willamette.  Lots of interesting specialty grains too, Black Malt, Briess Caramel and Fawcett Pale Chcolate.  Drooling yet?  I am.  Hard to believe its less than two months until Thanxmas.  Where did '10 go?

I had my students whip up some labels for this batch as part of an exercise in photoshop.  Figured I would share some of my favorites:


Primary fermentation is going swimmingly.  Everything is right on schedule.  Probably transfer things to secondary this weekend or so for about 3 weeks then bottling just before Turkey day for two weeks of bottle conditioning before Thanxmas.  Gonna be a busy end to 2010 at Kaulback Farm!


  1. Anonymous10/12/2010

    nice, i like them all but i think you could easily fit damien into the third one down, so it gets my vote


  2. turned your class into a sweat gonna love this beer...brown ales are my favorite too...i like the second label

    ps. the sweet stout was unreal

  3. Anonymous2/28/2011

    hi, new to the site, thanks.