Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hold please....

Found out at the end of this week that the Untamed NE race is taking a hiatus next year, or at least it appears that way on their website right now.  Listed as next race in 2012 with registration opening in 2011.  Bummer, there goes that plan.

I think I am going to continue with my training plans for the most part though with some slight tweaks maybe.  We have already found some smaller adventure races that are fairly local that we can try out.  Might make more sense to get our feet wet in a 12hr format before jumping into 3 full days.

Now I have to figure out what next year holds.  I always have EFTA and maybe I can rededicate a bit more time to that endeavor this year with NEMBA racing hopefully getting going a bit more next year that might be good.  Maybe I'll try a half marathon, could do another tri...I should probably just take a 'do everything' approach next year.  I randomly caught the nordic bug again, I think it might be good to take advantage of the facilities at Gunstock, but that means more gear to buy.  Maybe I can score some used stuff at the nordic center there.  They also have some winter tri's hosted in the area...5K, ice bike, xc ski.  Sounds good to me.  I almost did one a year or two ago but doing that will all depend on the winter we are having.  Decent powder around when its scheduled and I'll be doing other activities for sure.

I am thinking the lack of real concrete plans for next year might be good.  I have been suffering from calendar overload lately.  It might be nice to just float around a bit and just race and be active when opportunities present themselves.  I have a feeling there will be lots.

I finally got back going this weekend with a nice road ride around the lake.  Felt OK, my strength and power is pretty crap right now but my base is still pretty good and my recovery rate is still right up there.  It was a pretty leisurely ride with a few decent climbs.

Pretty awesome that I randomly picked a route that was almost 29mi on the dot after just turning 29 yesterday on the 29th.  I'm thinking about maybe going for a run tomorrow and getting back into stuff full bore for Nov.  Lunch break runs and weight room, yoga, etc.  I'm also thinking its time for some AT recon hikes, better call Bill...


  1. Anonymous11/01/2010

    looks like a nice loop. i would like to mix in more road rides next yr - we are due for a 50-70 miler, at least

    shitty ball sackah

  2. yeah for sure. nothing quite like riding road to get nice consistent hard efforts in. I'll definitely be doing more next year.

    you gotta get a hundo under your belt straight up.

  3. I'm telling you man....2+9=11...HUGE conspiracy number....too many coincidences lately with that....have you considered that maybe you're the antichrist? Either way....I'm down with doing anything we can to get extreme in place of the AR you still own a single speed road rig? If you do I would like to propose that we team up with Shine for a ss road tour...(wow, that sounds kinda bad depending on how much you paid attention in history class)

  4. I paid attention ZE HARD!

    I do not have a SS road bike. but I do have a geared road bike that I promise I won't shift if that is required.

    However I suggest you just get a geared roadie. Ever notice how bikesnob makes fun of fixie riders taking their bikes on touring rides? There is a reason for that.

  5. haha oh yea i know...definitely not doing it because i think its "cool"..hate that thing w/ a passion...once i have enough cash to cough up for one im on it....but guess what...climbing with that piece of shit does wonders for your drop bikesnob's ass on a climb so fast he'd quit and start writing for pottery barn