Monday, May 3, 2010

NEMBA happenings

I don't have enough time nowadays to double post so I will just do the ole redirect.

Great trail day at FFD this past weekend.  Added what will probably be a marquee trail there by the end of this season.  Still needs some finish work but it is roughed in and technically rideable.

In other NEMBA news, I mentioned this in a tweet as well, but I have been selected for the new NEMBA grassroots racing team for this year.  I am excited about the opportunity.  It's always been a goal to get "spons'd" and even though this isn't really a traditional sponsorship type deal I can act like it is if I want, kinda like I did two years ago.  Still don't know many details yet, this is the inaugural year, but I think it will be fun.  First race will be The Weeping Willow at Willowdale State Forest down in MA in a few weeks.


  1. i like my comment from the '08 post about a 4 seasons kit...tell your team to get on that. is the team a mix of 26/29/ss/women?

  2. yeah they wanted the team to be a full representation of NEMBA. All abilities, representing various chapters.

    Goal is to spread the word not score gnarly results

  3. hold no and destroy