Thursday, May 1, 2008

EFTA NECS '08 Preview

Well here we are again...first race is in about two weeks and I have maybe 20 miles on my mountain bike. But more coming this weekend and lots of trainer/commuting/road miles. I feel pretty good about this season. I think my fitness has definitely improved over last year and I am excited to see how much better I do this season...both with my fitness and my new bike. I think I have a good chance of being pretty competitive.

One of the last things I needed was some way to motivate myself mentally to push just a bit harder when I get to that point in a race where I feel like laying off and just coming in for the finish. My plan to get that extra motivation was to try and get some sort of sponsorship, so I would in some way shape or form be held 'accountable' for my results. I tried getting something set up with bike29, which looked promising at first, but later fizzled out (haven't heard from them in a while so I'm moving on.)

Instead I decided I would create my own pseudo sponsorship and just 'ride' for my chapter of NEMBA. It's a good cause, I can probably still trick myself into a little more mental motivation to try and represent the chapter well and I don't have to worry about any kind of actual 'sponsorship obligations'. Best of both worlds. And lucky me NEMBA came out with a 20th anniversary jersey that I can use as my 'kit':


This jersey is right up my alley, loud colors that dont really match and it has an ax on it...c'mon. Fits really well too and the pockets are a bit looser than some of my other jerseys which will make it easier to get food. Which is crucial because I have come to the realization that I need about 200% more food than the average rider.

Bring on the Glocester Grind! (AKA last)


  1. do they make bike shorts with new england landscape designs? if you could continue the foliage onto your shorts, throw in a covered bridge and maybe some pilgrims....that would look really nice.

  2. hah! if they made those shorts I would own 4 pair.

    a full foliage kit would be the sickest.

  3. or a 4 seasons kit...starts as winter by your neck and ends with apple picking, on your ass...obviously