Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost time to buy a onesy

Here we are about 2 months out from this seasons experimental challenge, The Black Fly Tri

I am satisfied enough with my progression to date and I think I can make a pretty decent go of this whole triathlon thing, which of course means now its time to start thinking about buying more gear.  Specifically a hilarious one piece skinsuit.  Stay tuned, I don't think its possible for this to not be ridiculous.

Speaking of progression, my swimming and running has been coming along pretty well of late.  Particularly the swimming.  If you'll remember my swimming started off pretty sub par.  I was looking at being very far behind going into the bike and basically negating my strength in that discipline.  Over the last month or so hitting the pool twice a week I have cut my quarter mile time in half and I am now a solid mid pack swimmer.  Over the last two weeks the improvements have gotten smaller but they are still consistent and I am hoping I can maybe cut another minute or so off my time by July.

My running progression hasn't been quite as dramatic but I definitely feel stronger on the road now than I did when I started running again last November.  I am now running sub 7 min miles for roughly a 5K on a pretty hilly course during my lunch break run.  Not amazing, but solid and I believe the course at the Black Fly is more on the flat side.  I'm hoping to slowly improve and get stronger but I think my run is just about where it needs to be to keep my placing coming off the bike.  Hopefully I could maybe get my miles down into the low 6min range before July.

I haven't been doing any tri specific bike training.  I've done a few road rides so far this season and my mountain biking has slowly been ramping up.  Once MTB race season starts my cycling fitness should take care of itself, the brunt of that season is before the Black Fly in July.  I am also planning a few sessions on the road bike up in Waterville where I will do some fitness tests on the course.  Maybe even a brick or two. (thanks to Ice for the 'brick' vocab 411, I was calling them multi-sessions i.e. bike then run, but bricks sounds way cooler)

Maybe I'll even start working on my transitions...I'm sure I can put my bike shoes on faster than at least half the field.


  1. sounds like things are getting intense...if you want to amp up your running game and help mtn biking at the same with a backpack full of weights on or get your hands on a weight vest....the backpack helped me progress pretty fast...btw...the pics of the onesy are horrifying! and did those skinsuits have some sort or asian characters on them? you need to buy one that does....or maybe one with a tramp stamp

  2. what kind of weights do you put in the backpack? Kinda seems like that would only really work for short distance repeats or something, otherwise it would get uncomfortable unless the weight was really well balanced.

    but yeah I am hoping to get a pretty dope one piece with asian tramp stamps galore.

  3. haha..."asian tramp stamps galore" HTN

    i use flat olympic weights or small dumbbells...neither seem very ideal, but if you fill the pack with towels you can use them to add volume and secure the weights so they stay in one spot as you fine....just takes a little while to get the fit right.

    ive been considering using gravel because it would mold to my back...but believe it or not finding a good gravel pit is easier said than done these days

  4. just bungee yourself to a horse (toga has LOTS of those) and run in the other direction. not sure what the force of a horse running would equate to lbs wise but its probably a lot.

    get in there.

  5. i think using a car would be a more consistent method....or the neighborhood fat kid on a big wheels

  6. running with rocks and weights in backpacks? jesus man, I figured out the trick ages ago. just gain 100 pounds.