Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wylee gets DEEP

I decided to take a break from getting my own pow slashes and took a little hike with Gina and the Pooch at Hamlin-Eames. This also gave me an opportunity to try out and test some of my new toys and get some active recovery from yesterday...can't beat that!

Lots of new snow in the area so we strapped on our new MSR Denali's (thanks Mom & Dad!) and hit the trail. Took a few tries to really get the straps dialed in but once we figured them out they were pretty solid. I really like the weight and traction, float wasn't awesome but worked just fine for the conditions. Thats to be expected though, they have a modular design on purpose so you can add tails if you want better floatation but you don't have to pay the weight penalty if you don't need them. All in all I am very pleased and looking forward to getting in more miles with them, both farting around in the woods and possibly getting some vert as well when the terrain is a little too gnarly for skins.

quick family portraits are way harder in the winter

Wylee LOVES the snow and we had a hard time keeping up with her. Its fun to watch her tear around in the powder.

I also got a chance to try out my new winter hydration setup that I am planning on rocking on shorter AT days as well as some bigger days at Cannon now that I know it works decent. Gina got me an insulated hose for my Camelbak bladder and I am using my Burton AK pack that I have had forever for this purpose but have never actually really used until now. The pack has a slit cut in the top specifically for hydration and the insulated hose is the perfect length. Didn't have any freezing issues today, temps weren't really all that cold but I think it should work as long as I blow the water out of the tube after each drink and maybe use warmer water on really cold days.

Probably missed a pretty big pow day in the Notch today but I can't complain. Wylee got deep enough for both of us.

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  1. nice pic....dogs need face shots too