Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We got 'em all

Light fluffy boot deep powder in the morning and textbook spring conditions in the afternoon. It was an odd but awesome day at Cannon. After slaving away in the attic all weekend I was pumped to have the extra day off and the weather worked with me this time around and I ended up getting the best day out of the three anyway.

Met up with Bill, Barb and Paul Jr. first thing and we traversed over to the Zoomer chair because they usually load early and we wanted to run laps on the Front 5 while the getting was good. The plan worked and we got all kinds of fresh for several hours. For some reason even though it was a holiday there was no one around. Maybe the roads down south helped us out? Hard to tell.

After lapping around the front 5 we decided to check out some trees before lunch. We decided on 2nd Shift. We had scoped the entrance in the off season so I knew right where it was and its a good thing because there were no tracks leading in, we were the first to hit it in at least a few weeks. We would find out a bit later there was a reason for this, but I don't care about my skis so I had a blast.

completely untouched...just not quite deep enough

With it being virgin territory we wanted to make sure the snow was stable so Paul Jr. volunteered to take a look and make sure we were gonna be all set...

He even took a core sample with this skis, very thorough.

Everything looked great, but the base hasnt quite built up enough and things were a bit 'scratchy' underneath to say the least. This actually worked out well for me because they wanted to let me go first the whole way down so that if there was anything to hit I would hit it but this also meant I got first the whole way.


We grabbed some calories and then headed up to the top to get a few runs on Vista and to check some other tree shots. Things were still pretty good in the afternoon. It was starting to get tracked a bit but the trees were still pretty good. The base is starting to get to where it needs to be in some of the ole standby tree lines. Lost Boys is riding good and we got into Go Green for the first time this year and it was great.

feel the rhythm, feel the rime

*insert radio ron noise*

Shortly after lunch the clouds started to burn off, the sun came out, temps started to rise and before we knew it we were skiing textbook spring corn and mashed potato bumps in nearly blue bird conditions. We figured the best snow to be had was out on Tuckerbrook so we hatched a plan, secured two cars and nice people to drive them to pick us up and shot over for our last run of the day. The interesting at times Notch weather created a cool 'low ceiling' effect and it felt like we were in a plane above the cloud level.

Tuckerbrook was still in great shape and I even got a chance to ride Locals Only, a little tree line on a really steep face towards the end of Tucker. The last little pitch was easily around 40 degrees. 40 degrees in the trees is pretty awesome. FYI.


  1. oh my god! haha that sounds unreal!!....also, does locals only tie into the end of the tuckerbrook? because if it's what im picturing right now, im very jealous because this is something that i was eyeballing when we were on tb but i remember bill saying there needs to be good snow on it...so we skipped it at the time

  2. oh and btw....that pic of paul jr is hilarious

  3. yeah locals is basically just a short little ravine wall off skiers left but its a fun ride cause its so steep

  4. yup...thats it....damn, that looked pretty sweet

  5. wow sounds like an epic day... some pretty great pics too. Bummer my company doesn't support MLK day.