Monday, March 16, 2009

Hamlin-Eames Conservation Area

Gina, myself and the pooch went to scope out the Hamlin-Eames Conservation Area in Meredith Sunday. We wanted to get the lay of the land seeing as this trail network is within a mile of the house we are in agreement to buy. And after this little walk in the woods I am happy to say that, in my mind, the property value of of our potential new home just skyrocketed...and Wylee loved it too.

if she had opposable thumbs they would both be up.

As you can see here there are lots of little pond / marsh areas and some really cool ledge lookouts to Lake Wicwas. We hiked out to Crockett's Ledge and then came back via the Pond Loop trail. Biking here will be interesting, a decent amount of short steep climbs and it looks like most of the trails weren't really cut with biking in mind but it is permitted in the area so I will check things out once we get through mud season.

Crockett's Ledge

Big 'ole dead tree

In other hilarious news, I decided to get to this area by cutting through some back roads in the region we are moving into. I found out recently that we are moving into what the locals call 'Chemungville'. It is a small region bounded by Rt. 104 to the North, I-93 to the West, Lake Winnisquam to the East and Rt. 3 to the South. Once you get into Chemungville things get pretty remote pretty fast. They also get very less paved. If you will be visiting us in the Spring, bring your rally skills or your mudding jeep.



  1. hell yea...that looks so remote...what an awesome spot

  2. you should build a farmhouse.