Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hubbard Brook revisited

I returned this weekend to Hubbard Brook with more appropriate gearing AND a GPS device to track my every move. This was the first field test of the garmin on a bike for me and I can quickly tell that I am going to love this little piece of gear.

I didn't bring the camera along this time but for pics of the area check my original post here. Conditions were similar to my first outing, sun was out, temps were cold but manageable and the snow/ice was perfect.

So without further ado...the goods.

So much awesome pertinent data and so easy to collect. The auto pause feature worked awesome while on the bike no issues like we had while walking the dog. I really like that it keeps track of avg speeds while ascending, descending and on the flats. Its also really cool to see the avg grade, seeing as this was a giant out and back climb...11% average, pretty gnar. Not sure I believe the 34.5% maximum though, probably some errant signals.

Unfortunately it can't measure how many sweet fishtails I did on the descent but I can tell you that there were a lot and they were all sweet.

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