Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dog Walk Data Analysis

So last post I promised my readers unparalleled access to every single one of my bike rides from here on out thanks to my new Garmin Edge 205. Conditions in NH are no longer lending themselves to ice biking, or much of anything outdoors for that matter, except for maybe taking the pooch for a walk in the woods.

And seeing as you can't buy a new toy and then just leave it on your coffee table to stare at for months I figured, hell, I want to know all the pertinent data about this walk in the woods. I mean how am I going to know how to pace myself on our next walk in the woods with Wylee if I don't have the 411? So I strapped the Edge to my backpack and hit Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest.

I was really surprised with the accuracy, especially because the signal strength was 'poor' during the walk. Chamberlain Reynolds has some pretty dense tree cover. The speed kind of jumped around but we were moving pretty slow, I had to turn the auto pause off because it kept thinking we were stopped for a fraction of a second or so and it would pause and resume over and over. I don't think I'll have that issue on a bike though. I think I'm going to like this new tool very very much...

I'll let the DATA speak for itself.


  1. i assume the 6.2 max speed is when wylee put it in 3rd gear

  2. wow, that's epic data gathering.