Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cannon 2/7

I decided to take the snowboard out this past weekend...mix things up a bit. Haven't been boarding yet this year. It came back to me quickly and I felt pretty comfortable on trail. Weather was pretty good, actually a bit warm at Cannon for once this year.

Later in the day we decided to head over to Mittersill as the snow on trail was starting to get a bit skied off. This is always an adventure for me when I'm on the board because we invariably end up in the trees when we head that way and I don't quite have the boarding skill set yet to pick my way elegantly through a glade....but you would never know that based on the pics Bill got of me!

Somehow Bill made my run down upper and lower Bunny look somewhat 'with it'. I have absolutely no idea how that is possible because at no point did I feel safe or in control on that run. I made it down, and in pretty decent time but I was definitely riding that knife's edge of complete disaster. I might be exaggerating a tiny bit, but I was pretty out of control.

First and foremost my board is better than yours.

Ca-ca! (to be read like a crow)


I'm pretty sure this never happened, I'm not that good.

A slight thaw continues in the area...hopefully it won't muck up the conditions too bad. I heard Cannon was a solid block of ice Sunday after the warmer temps Saturday and then the cooling overnight. Might be time to take the ice bike to the trails if Cannon is going to be a boiler plate.

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