Monday, February 16, 2009

St. Valentine's @ Sugarbush

What a great weekend up in VT. Gina and I finally got up to Sugarbush to visit Jake and Tara this past weekend and it was a blast. Good food, good weather, good times.

Jake and I got some riding in Saturday morning while the ladies slept in and then caught a movie. We got out early, conditions were a bit hard and fast first thing but still fun. Conditions in New England aren't that hot right now so I wasn't expecting much more than that...boy was I wrong. Apparently the day before they never opened one of the lifts due to wind, and while it was windy there were also some snow squalls up top. This translated into 4-5 inches of snow that blew into the woods and had not been touched since Friday.

The crowds I was expecting never really materialized and Jake and I got at least 5 or so runs in before things started to get really tracked out. Very awesome and very unexpected. Turned out being one of my better days on snow this year. The terrain at Sugarbush is really fun I am looking forward to visiting more and getting to know the mountain better. Seems like there are tons of cool little gullys, pitches, and tree lines to be explored. I would describe a bit more about where we rode but I don't know what anything is called on that mountain yet...maybe after I ride it a few more times I will have the lay of the land down.

Jake and I took some video during the course of the day. We are both video noobs, so no telling if we will figure out how to put the footage together into something worth sharing. We only really got maybe 30sec-1min of ok footage spread out over the entire day. But who knows, if we figure something out maybe Jake will put me up on the website. And I will also post video here of course.

*UPDATE*: Jake threw something together with the footage and it actually came out pretty good! Way better than I was expecting. Check it out here:

Look for 'Orlo' from 2/14/2009

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  1. I was going to ask if that was you... nice!