Friday, January 30, 2009

Vacay at Cannon 1/29

Big Dump Wednesday = Thursday Vacation Day.

I would like to thank Bill for convincing me Wednesday that a vacation day Thursday was mandatory. It was a good call. I don't take enough vacation time and now is as good a time as any to start.

Cannon was working with somewhere over a foot of snow from Wed...most of the powder on trail was skied off during the day so we headed into the woods early to find the deep stuff. We took a few runs over at Mittersill (along with everyone else in New England!...I haven't seen that many people hiking to Mittersill in a long time, kind of depressing). Luckily most of the traffic was staying on Barrens or Lift Line while we stuck to the lesser known goodies.

Got some great turns in Golden Birches and Stinger, so much fun floating around in the trees in that much snow.

Got a ride in the payload of a pickup back to the Tuckerbrook Chair from some locals after Stinger...saved us a bunch of time and we were able to head over to Kinsman towards the end of the day. Jim found the traverse over to lower Gunsight and we decided to head over. The run got mixed reviews from the group. Traverse was long and somewhat annoying to navigate but once we arrived the snow was DEEP and basically untouched. It was a bit heavy though and we were all tired from a full day. It was a bit of a struggle linking more than 5 turns or so but I don't regret it.

Resting the legs Friday at work and then its back out on Saturday to rack up some more vert.

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