Thursday, January 29, 2009

Irish Red Bread

Beer Bread is like my new 'thang'. And why not? It's ridiculously easy to make and delicious. This time around I used one of my Squamy Commie Reds (i.e. Irish Red) with a bread kit by Rabbit Creek that my mom got me for Christmas...Thanks Mom! And for the record my mom bought the kit before she had heard about my first batch of beer bread, but she's always ahead of the game so that isn't too surprising.

This bread came out real hearty. The kit included a bag with the flour mix and another bag full of course grains that you mixed in. I like how the beer reacts a bit when mixed with the foams quite a bit at first then settles down as you mix it in.

I melted some butter on top like I did with the last batch, that is definitely the way to go. Adds a nice flavor to the end product. It smelled great baking and came out perfectly.



  1. nice, and a rabbit on the bread mix package makes it gina approved.

  2. you should work for gourmet magazine...that just made me hungry