Sunday, May 11, 2008

Franklin Falls

Naro and I got a pretty sweet ride in at Franklin Falls today. I happened upon this place through my chapter of NEMBA and I have to say I am pretty glad I joined up. I cant wait to put more time into making this place even better. I was testing out a new 'feeding system' for race day and trying to get a few more miles in before I go for broke next week in RI.

My new feed system consists of a little pouch velcro'd up on my top tube at the stem that I am hoping to keep Clif Blocks in. I think its going to work well for me but it needs a bit more tweaking. I'll post pics once I get it completely dialed in. (You can see it in the pic of my bike at the top of the Rusty Bucket trail).

'Prevalence of Groove'...ask Jomo

This is where they filmed the lunar landing in '69


Lost Wall Trail


If I remember correctly my comp clocked us at an average speed of 10mph over about 14 miles for the day. No ticks and the bugs weren't quite that bad...yet. They are def around but they dont seem to be biting yet. Knock on wood.

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