Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Noah's Bike

Well I stuck to my guns and rode my bike in today in the pouring rain...there is a flood emergency in Plymouth today and the Pemi is centimeters away from flooding as I type this.

I am happy to say that all my gear worked great. Only parts of me that got wet were the tops of my feet and my hands (sort of). I think I can keep the tops of my feet dry if I cinch my pants on the outside of my booties, so if I get waterproof gloves I will be made in the shade, or rain as it were.

To the other Zoo family commuters, I highly recommend the Performance Brand Rain Pants that they sell in their 'Commuter Store', they are cheap, $30-$35 and they work awesome. You can cinch them shut at the bottom for a tight fit with a velcro strap and they got some reflective jibba jabba which is always nice. but size up when you buy them they run small.

Only complaint is that I am probably going to have to buy a full front fender if I am going to continue to ride in conditions like today. The fender I have covers the downtube, which gets a lot of the spray but at speed the front of the tire throws water straight up and if I'm going fast enough I hit the water before it falls to the ground and it basically hits me right in the face. Today I just tried to lean the bike to the right a bit while I leaned slightly to the left so the water went over my right shoulder. That worked but its not the best position for balance and I was also sticking my head right into traffic...which I would prefer not to do.

All in all riding in a cold rain has been conquered, we'll see how riding in a flood goes this afternoon, the Pemi is forecasted to crest sometime late this morning or early afternoon...


  1. ive got the nashbar equivalent for rain pants...they are nothing fancy but they are waterproof.

    i also have the cheap plastic down tube fender. it only works when the road is wet, if it's actively raining, your feet get soaked no matter what.

  2. First I need a junker bike I can commute in the rain with...