Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Armed Wit

I'm back on the brew horse! Its been a while since my last batch...probably because last time around I had two batches bottled at once and we haven't had any Blue Zoo events to help it disappear in a timely manner.

Its a bit early to start Spring batches but I am on the DL thanks to my unintentional 12ft booter to flat ground to memory loss to radiology dept incident at Jay last weekend. Cant shred, might as well brew right?

Jake has been on a Belgian kick lately (and I can't blame him...Belgium rules) and bought me this Belgian Wit (Wheat) kit. I don't really partake in wheat beers that often but they are delicious and a pretty good weight for Spring so after this batch I will be doing another wheat beer this time in the German tradition...SquamyWeizen

Todd from Fermentation Station helped me put together a basic weizen recipe that should come out on the strong side with a nice cloudiness, characteristic of german wheat beers. I should be firing that up soon

*disclaimer*: technically that sling isn't necessary, shoulder recovery is going well, but I needed it for dramatic purposes and to make the name of the batch legitimate.

*UPDATE*: Well this batch had some trials and tribulations early in its life and even through adolescence I was doubting this batch a bit because the fermentation never really 'took off'' like it has with all my other just kind of putted along. I think that is mostly due to temperature issues. Belgian beers like it real warm...which is strange because Belgium is renowned for some of the worst weather in western europe.

Even with the slow fermentation I am fairly sure things wrapped themselves up and I bottled this batch this evening. The color and consistency look real good even now (a nice golden copper, see pic), and the taste seemed pretty Belgian to me...I dont drink belgians very often but I did have some recently that Jomo brought up and I could taste some similarities so I think this batch is doing just fine.


  1. first comment, hell ya.

    Looks like it'll be very nice to dink a lot of.

  2. very nice, we ca drink this after a long day at tucks

  3. Oh man, I'm missing solid stuff at Squammy-Stronghold. Boo