Saturday, February 23, 2008


Wheat batch number 2 off and running. This time German.

Pretty typical brew day...although I almost had my first boil over. well not really but it came the closest it has ever come to boiling over to date. I think it was due to the 3lbs of DME (dried malt extract) I used. I have never used that much of the dried extract, I usually use malt syrup and I think the dried might be a little more prone to boil overs.

The only other slightly strange thing that happened was the way the yeast mixed in with the wort. This was only my second time using dried yeast and the first time it had me rehydrate before adding to the wort. This strain of yeast just said to sprinkle it into the wort when adding it to the water and when I did that it kind of caked up a bit on the surface of the batch. I am assuming it will slowly rehydrate and I'm not too worried but I think it would have gone a bit smoother if I had rehydrated first.

Well my concerns about the yeast were unfounded. Because here we are at less than 24 hours after brew day and this batch is looking like the first one in a while that might be a candidate for a blow off tube.


*UPDATE*: This batch is bottled. I set a land speed record while bottling...2 hours start to finish including clean up. Now two batches are bottled and hopefully they will last me until my next two high gravity batches are done. Each of those will take two months but I think they will be very interesting brews and will be well worth the wait.

'the operation'


  1. this is great,thanks very much

  2. I'm thirsty already.

  3. I'm thirsting wicked haaaahrd.

  4. I could eat spoon-fulls of that shizzz