Wednesday, September 19, 2007

EFTA 2007 **El Fin**

The season is officially over. The last race was last weekend in Maine...I didnt attend due to driving distance and my results already being written in stone.

1 BUCHANAN, SCOTT             1,358 
(**the amazing thing about riders in New England is that they are all awesome. Both Scott and Derek are pushing 50 and they still are FAST**)

and there they are, the final standings in the EFTA 2007 New England Championship Series (Single Speed Class). I am pretty proud of my third place overall. Granted I am actually probably one of the slowest single speed racers in New England, but I'm consistent and I can take a beating and that paid off this season.

on average i shed about 20 minutes off my course times from last year, and I gained a much better understanding of what my body can actually take and I think I will have a much better off season of training and will come back even stronger next year.

My goals for next year are another podium finish in the overall, and I want to shed another 5-10 minutes off my times so that I can really be in the SS 'pack'. I have found that I really need a wheel to hold to keep pushing myself mentally. If I can just get a tiny bit faster I will actually be racing SS riders for 20 miles instead of riding by myself about 5 minutes behind them. It basically just comes down to learning how to suffer better...which is what i will be doing on my trainer all winter.


  1. EPIC!!! Nice job reaching the podium. So are you going to the banquet?

    I almost feel like I should go, but I don't feel like paying $30 for dinner and a lot of awkward conversations. Plus they mail the prizes out if you miss it anyway.

    If you are in, I am in.

  2. good question. when is that again? feb or something?

    i guess i will keep an eye on the site and if I can go and its not too big of a deal to get there maybe ill head down.

    youre right it would basically be $30 for food and a lot of awkwardness though.

    i guess for now as long as we arent ripping jay that weekend ill consider it, but itll probably be a game time decision.

  3. you both will be at jay, congrats though, go sox