Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blue Cross (Blue Shield)

Figured out a name finally. Its like the HMO but not. The Chopper has been put to sleep for now...i know it was just reborn and I made a big deal about it but this frame was cheap and new and I can consolidate parts from two bikes and keep this one and give the PUCH to Ashlee so she can cruise Tewks. Circle of Life.

Thanks to the lovely people at the United States Postal Service there is a slight ding in the head tube, but I was still able to press in the headset cups and cosmetically its barely noticeable so i dont think its gonna be worth the trouble trying to make an insurance claim.

Done...kinda. I'm waiting on some new brakes, but everything else is set. Cables are in place and just need to be attached to the brakes when they get here. I think I will eventually add some racks and maybe fenders and try some light touring trips or maybe some of the extended cross rides coming up next month.

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