Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Chopper v3.0? v4.0? I dont even know anymore

okay first a little history on 'The Chopper'. Arguably started as a Specialized FSR full suspension back in 2000 then changed out to a lighter Jamis Durango hardtail in '01. Many of the parts carried over to the new frame. Some, due to compatibility issues, did not. Hence the beginning of its hybrid, frankenstein, chopped up existence.

It had been upgraded over the years continuing the bastardization until finally after repeated manglings of my rear dérailleur i converted it to a jerry rigged single speed (many zipties were used).

It has been recently retired from regular MTB use when i 'upgraded' to a rigid 29er for my race bike. It has been hanging in my basement dormant ever since....and I'm not gonna let the Chopper go out like that. I have recently been introduced to a 'go anywhere, no terrain is unridable, cyclocross-ish' group ride that has the Chopper's name ALLLLLLL OVER IT.


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  1. okay here is how the chopper arrived at its current state:

    swapped tires out for Kenda Krisp semi-slicks

    swapped bars for some old drop bars I had lying around

    Cane Creek brake levers with old SunTour Barcon shifters

    Set of cheap shimano touring grade deraillers (front derailler clamp diameter was too big so I had to shim it with an old inner tube...very chopper-esque)

    rebuilt original cassette and built up a triple crank from chainrings laying around

    two Travel Agents to fix the whole road brake lever to linear brake problem and presto!

    oh and some sweet red zebra bar tape