Wednesday, August 1, 2007

EFTA #6 Bradbury Mountain Enduro

Didn't actually go to this race, but i figured that when i did my next race recap my thousands of readers would notice that i went from EFTA #5 to EFTA #7 and there would be mass pandemonium.

I skipped it for various reasons. A week's vacation in maine with no bike riding to speak of isnt the best prep for the longest race of the season (30 miles). it was an early start with a long drive to get there meaning i would have had to be up and on the road by 6am. not an incredible feat i just wasnt feeling it.

in addition this race draws out a lot of very fast SS racers and i busted my ass at this race last year and only came in 13th scoring no points towards the series final. So i decided to get back on the bike after vacation, get some solid miles in and save my energy for this weekend's race.

Turns out it was a good strategy because i am rested, have gotten some good rides in, and i heard that someone who usually beats me by about 5 mins came in 11th so i probably wouldnt have scored any points again, AND i heard the heat and humidity that day was brutal.

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