Monday, July 9, 2007

Home Brew....part duex

Sticking with the SquamyBrewLLC organizational goals we have begun another brew in order to have it bottled and ready for consumption at this years narolakerage. I believe this time around we are going with an English Pilsner, a typical english 'pub ale' i guess. Guy who sold it to Jomo said it was a good one to put a lemon slice in which it what we are all about in the summertime here at SquamyBrewLLC.

This brew was much easier than the last kit..dont know if thats a good thing or not. all it was was boiling water, adding malt syrup, and you're grains, no pellet hops. but it is just a light pilsner beer so i guess thats all you need.

Here is the current blow-off tube setup. I went with a bigger tube this time around to try and clear more of the foam so cleaning the carboy will be easier.

Clearing wicked foam guy.

**UPDATE** The beer is bottled and ready to go. Had to prime it with table sugar because the special 'brewer's sugar' that we got in the last kit didn't come in this kit. I read around and some say table sugar is okay some say its not, but thats all i had. Didnt bother taking hydrometer readings this time around...kit says it has potential for 4.5-5% and thats good enough for me. made 54 beers this time around (well 55 but gina cracked the neck off a bottle while capping it with her She-Ra strength).

**UPDATE (again)** I tasted the 2nd batch last night...and I think it will be a good beer for narolakerage. I think the guy who sold the kit to jomo was right and it will probably be pretty good with a lemon or orange wedge. Still didnt have much head on it but hopefully another week of conditioning will take care of that. Its still a bit cloudy but I think i may have screwed up the pour a bit. all in all i think our first batch was better, but for the simplicity of this kit and it being a very light beer i think it came out good.


  1. looks good and darker than i thought it would be

    i will buy the next kit...which we should angle for squamtoberfest season

  2. i dont think it will stay that dark. the first brew was darker during fermentation than it was when it was done.

    also for our fall brew we may have to look into getting another carboy so we can get into two stage fermentations. All the thicker fall/winter brews require two stage fermentation.

  3. sounds good, after that we will be ready for a stout for thanksmas and ski season

  4. i love the real basement feel of those photos.

  5. that last shot is poetic dood