Sunday, July 1, 2007

EFTA #4 All Out In Moody Park

Wicked pre-race meltdown guy.

i forgot socks AND my helmet. no idea what was going through my head this morning. socks, not a huge deal i can helmet = show stopper. lucky for me I have met some of the guys and since sport was before expert there were a few guys that had already raced but were staying around to watch the experts. So I got a helmet that BARELY fit and was able to race. (many thanks to Dave Michaud for the hook up)

Race itself was fast and dry. I broke 2 hours for the first time on a 18+ mile course at 1h:56m, came in 6th (AKA last)...but i chipped some more time out of the rest of the group and only finished about 10 mins behind some very fast guys. 10 minutes is still a lot, but last year it was 30 minutes so thats good. and i think i might have been a bit faster if it wasnt for some drivetrain issues halfway through my third lap. My chain was clicking real bad and I was worried it was going to snap so I had to baby it in spots, which on a SS doesnt really work, at one point i even stopped for a minute or two trying to fix it.

so yeah im getting faster, but apparently i am also getting retarded. Hopefully lesson has been learned and i wont forget my helmet ever again.

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  1. bike goes faster
    brain goes slower

    looks like you found the key to success