Monday, June 25, 2007

EFTA #3 Assault on Clifford Park

This year was much better than last year as far as course conditions go. Course was primarily dry and the weather was great.

I thought I had a pretty good ride, i cut 20 mins off my time from last year on the same course, which i think is fairly impressive considering how technical this course is and I rode it with suspension last year and without it this year. (my hands are probably the sorest thing on my body right now) We had the biggest SS class i think i have ever seen in my short EFTA racing career. Over 20 SSer's started this race!

race itself was pretty uneventful for me, no major crashes or anything else funny to report so i just cover some quick facts:

Ben Moody is so fast i think he might be an alien.
casualties were very high, i think there was something like 40 DNF's out of around 150 people starting.
Adam was doing awesome but ended up flatting.
i kept my bike working, rode all the technical stuff clean and came in at 2h:15m, give or take a minute, I think only about 15m or so off the winner.
during the race i felt like i was about mid field in the SS class (it was hard to tell with all the traffic on the first lap) but turns out I think I came in sixth (maybe results were kinda still screwy when i left) out of only 7 finishers in the SS class (remember when i said casualties were high? (over 20 SS starters down to 7.....)
this leads me to my next rant: I'm tired of people DNFing and making my results look less impressive than they are. this happened at this race last year as well. I was not 6th out of 7, I was 6th out of 20+. If they couldn't finish that probably means they chose bad lines and flatted....i chose better lines and finished = i beat you and I will include you in the results so that I look more cool. that is all.


  1. Excellent point.... DNFers suck.

  2. i bet some people don't even have mechanical issues, they just give up

  3. turns out i came in 5th and i am now sitting in 2nd in the overall standings